Design Critique


Collaborating with people to better connect with product

Design critiques are a great opportunity to give open feedback and bring collective insight into the design process.

Invite people that don’t work in design department. By creating an open door policy and inviting stakeholders from across the organisation you can improve the quality of the design and the handoff experience.

Exposing your work to the wider team can help to identify any early opportunities, forecast any technical difficulties and raise the profile of design across the company.

It’s important when presenting your work during these sessions that you are clear on what type of feedback you may be looking for. Defining your expectations upfront will focus the feedback you’re likely to receive. When presenting your work remember to include the following:

  1. What is the project you’re presenting

  2. Who you are designing for

  3. Describe both the user and the business objectives

  4. Provide data and rationale to support your solution

  5. The goal

A design critique is not about brainstorming or usability testing. Design critiques are about about giving and receiving feedback. This can be tough for some people so remember to make sure every ones has the opportunity to input and encourage participation.