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How do we attract the right talent for our business and how can we increase the quality and manage the quantity of candidates applying for our open roles?

UX and product designer. Along with the account manager, project manager and development team we built a central hub and talent pipeline to help accelerate the talent attraction at Nationwide.



“How can we attract the best talent in banking and financial services? How can we put the right talent in front of the right jobs?”


Based on our research, competitor analysis and looking at best practice across multiple sectors we were able to create a central hub and talent pipeline to attract new and potential candidates seeking employment with Nationwide.

This approach sought to avoid reliance on temporary agency staff and helped to achieve major financial savings on cost per hire as well as time and resources spent on recruitment of temporary agency workers.

Understanding Nationwide’s brand played an important part in the discovery process. This meant understanding their values inside and out, knowing their goals and creating a strategy that matched.


Journey mapping

Heat maps and funnel analytics were used to gain our initial insights into how the users searched for jobs and explored the content. By keeping application conversion in mind we sought to drive quality candidates to apply for available roles, helping Nationwide to build both passive and active talent pools.



Smart filtering with advanced options for targeted search. Crafting new candidate journeys required us to write new site and search architecture. This allowed us to provide richer features which could deliver more accurate results to candidates.

We wanted to create memorable experience. This was not about getting users to application pages in the least amount of clicks but rather creating a more meaningful journey, celebrating Nationwide’s culture and values along the way and getting the right people in-front of the right jobs.

NWJobList-Desktop Menu DS.jpg

By placing the candidate at the heart of the site planning and architecture, UX, UI and content strategy we were able to create a valuable experience for all candidates.

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Project learnings

Feedback is king
One of the most important skills that can bind a great team together is the ability to give and receive feedback. The Design Critique is an undervalued tool and an integral part of the design process