Nutmeg campaign

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Nutmeg - The digital wealth manager

Nutmeg - The digital wealth manager

Using our market momentum, strong visual identity and brand values, create a new campaign aimed at a higher net worth audience.

Art direction and visual design including digital delivery support. Creating an end-to-end tax year end campaign for new and existing users.


Brand Personality: Challenger

Understanding where we want to go first meant understanding where we are now but also having a strong appreciation of where we have come from.

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UX & brand workshops

We ran several discovery sessions to explore how we move up the income ladder and begin a dialogue with high net worth customers. The first step was to mine our qualitative research and try to better understand who they are, their hopes and their ambitions. We also wanted to take this opportunity to refine our UX personas inline with our new audience.


As a brand we were relentless in standing up for consumers and against poor industry practices. We wanted to continue to open up their financial potential and empower them, whilst still reinventing how investing is done by making it simple and accessible to everyone.

We believe everyone should be able to have access to smart investment products that empower them to live their life better, whether they have £500 or £5 million to invest.


Recalibrating our audience

Our customers understand our mission, our challenger voice and most important of all they’re happy to join us on our journey. But they want more. They want to feel smart about the financial decisions they’re making. They wanted to feel in control of their financial future.

Benefit: Nutmeg makes it easy to access quality investing online, so you can feel good about your future.
Reason to Believe: Our experts build a professional, diversified investment portfolio, tailored to your goals.

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New conversations

These are potential investors: interested but not necessarily currently investing. They are likely to have little in the way of liquid assets, but have strong expectation of future income increases.

Future Potentials have confidence in exploring the language of investing, and have a desire to learn more about the process. They are more reticent in their approach, and slightly more risk averse.

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These are elite professionals, often heavily engaged with the market, and with a strong expectation of future income increases. They are often in a ‘power couple’, as they are likely to have high combined household incomes

High Fliers have strong confidence in their understanding of the language of investing, and consider themselves knowledgeable. They are comfortable investing online, and happy to pay for a personalised service.

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Launch mode

Smarter design. Smarter portfolio. Smarter value

By combining smart technology, leading investment philosophy and expertise, and customer centricity, we found an opportunity to transform our service, value and experience for seasoned investors, whilst still remaining open to and accessible to those that are new to investing.

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Digital: Focus on emotion

Our tax year end campaign featured in the hero of all our website product pages, including additional up-sell widgets in the dashboard and in app notifications.

We removed the environment and any contextual information from the imagery when it came to digital and focussed exclusively on the people we were representing. This focus created space for emotion and personality to take centre stage providing the campaign with a sense of humanity. By removing the environmental imagery this also allowed us to create significantly more digital assets and appeal to a much broader audience.

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Project learnings

Process in essential
For a project that is vast, you need a clear roadmap to navigate through what can be a foggy route.