About me


I am a UI/UX design professional. Outcome focused and intentional in my approach I help organisations grow through deliberate design, developing in-house design teams and focusing on solving the right problem at the right time. Proven team player with ambition and drive to teach and learn, I bring together requirements from users, stakeholders, team members and the business to design a clear and informed strategy for digital products and services.


UX & design lead
2018 - present
Product designer
2016 - 2018 

My role as Design Lead is to champion the design team in the creation and development of the brand experience by uniting our visual identity across all platforms expressed through our design system.  

• Lead the design system facilitating significant B2B growth for the UK business
• Instrumental in deploying a fully operational design system from UI patterns and design tokens through to the creation of our Storybook environment  
• Operationalised design best practice to be fit for international scale by standardising work-flows, tooling and design documentation
• Responsible for growing the in-house design team capacity to support business delivery needs through recruitment, coaching and development of direct reports 
• Responsible for building appropriate UI systems and UX design for both web and native apps whilst evolving the wider brand specifications
• Promote design best practice across the organisation, socialising design through skill-shares, boot-camps and open-door design critiques

Senior product designer
2014 -2016 

My role as Senior Product Designer was to help drive positive change and business growth through design. Working closely with the Creative Director to deliver and develop visual identities, design strategy and brand positioning.

• Lead the design process from an initial request and client workshops through to the final design implementation
• Collaborated with product managers and developers to ensure a clear and well understood transition from design to development 
• Created design concepts and developed them through iterative testing and continuous delivery cycles to meet client requirements 
• Responsible for managing design delivery of projects as well as prioritising new features and guiding product direction 
• Produced end to end, multi-channel visual campaigns including websites, landing pages, email campaigns, banner ads and infographics

Lead designer (contract)
2012 - 2016

As lead designer on several major projects it was my role to provide creative direction and visual delivery to help the Academy craft narratives that brought their audience closer to the stories.

• Worked closely with the Marketing Director and Art Director to create visual languages that would translate across different mediums
• Delivered bespoke limited edition screen prints to raise awareness around certain categories.
• Produced end to end, multi-channel visual campaigns including websites, landing pages, email campaigns, banner ads and infographics
• Collaborated with designers, illustrators and various agencies to help produce campaign material ready for show night



Award of Excellence - 2017
This Award was given to me by the American division of Communication Arts in recognition of the body of work produced in association with The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences Foreign Language Film Art Series.


Published works in:
Communication Arts 2017
Computer Arts 2014/15
Digital Arts 2014