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Candidates are also customers. How they feel and think through your recruitment process not only affects whether they want to work with you or not, but can also have a direct impact on them becoming a customer.

UI/UX and design system lead including support on digital design delivery.



“How do we bring our brand to life through the recruitment process and offer support and guidance to all our candidates?”


Our approach

We began this project by trying to understanding the existing candidate experience and explored ways in which the common pain points of candidates could be solved digitally.

Getting together with the VM team, we ran several collaborative and creative workshops to find new ways in which technology and the Virgin Media brand could be combined to create a solution that allowed for consistent communication with candidates during the recruitment process whilst still injecting the Virgin Media brand values throughout.

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Our workshops focused on unearthing what was unique to Virgin Media, helping the team uncover their employee value proposition (EVP) and evaluating the state of their current recruitment experience.

The most important step and our first win here was to help VM reframe the challenge by putting the candidate at the centre of this entire process.


Creating future paths

Once we had repositioned the candidate as the hero it was time for these journey’s to be mapped out. We brought the whole team together and created wireframes to help visualise these future pathways. Wire framing also helped us get client approval on the layout and navigation of key pages and helped us move into the prototyping phase much faster.

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Prototyping these new experiences was a great way of get everyone involved in the design process, share key findings and celebrate our wins. These simple mocks helped keep the conversation focused and acted as a bridge between all the various stakeholders.


Visual language systems

To help the various teams working on this project we created a design system. This allowed us to scale both our visual language and our design processes to make it easier to collaborate through shared patterns and language.


Working with a brand that operates on the scale of Virgin Media we knew our solution would extend beyond a digital solution. To help any graphic devices stand out as well as they can in print and at the same time comply with modern web accessibility standards we created a colour matrix to guide the usage of colour.

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Expression system

We created an Expression System whereby Virgin Media was able to offer different levels of support to all candidates depending on how much they knew about the candidates. This created an ongoing value exchange for both Virgin Media and the candidate. The Expression system followed on from the creation and use of our visual design language and consisted of three modes.


Each mode contains a bit of Virgin Media and a bit of the candidate, all in different proportions, depending on how well known candidate is. By using the right mode of expression at the right time, in the right context, we could ensure we deliver the best experience of Virgin Media.


Our Solution: The Virgin Media companion app

A candidate-centred platform to support and reward candidates throughout their journey. Wether the candidate is successful or not the experience should be a positive and rewarding one. It was important to create a personal experience and maintain a strong brand connection so we aimed to have an always-on personalised content portal.

Offering relevant resources to candidates at different stages of the recruitment process, the platform would also allow Virgin Media to measure candidate happiness levels in real time.


Our earlier workshops identified opportunities for Virgin Media to begin communicating with candidates where there was no current engagement but also found new was for them to communicate to existing candidates and even provide value to those not currently looking for a new placement.

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Project learnings

Collaboration is key
Exposing our designs to the entire team helped revel the various opinions held amongst stakeholders. This helped us craft a better solution for both the business and the user. But these opinions and expectations need managing too.