Visual thinking


Express, explore and explain

Sketching is a great way to help break down complex ideas. Through the intentional use of shapes and lines you can disarm abstract systems and communicate with clarity and simplicity.

Through your sketches you are able express, explore and explain. You can convey meaning, direction, proximity, motion, similarity, form, relationships, scale, values, energy, growth and consequence.

Visual communication has a long and decorated past, from the earliest cave paintings to the modern-day office whiteboard.

Mark-making and sketching are both highly accessible forms of communication that have an enchanting immediacy and fluency about them that allows them transfer meaning so well. You don’t need to be a trained artist or designer to excel here, the trick is to disassociate artistic drawing from drawing for communication.

In this sense it is pure, not concerned with aesthetics, only its ability to transmit meaning.

Sketching is design.